A Profile: Remi Holden

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Attached to this post you can see the first page introducing Remi Holden as the person whom I did a profile on. “Dr. Remi Holden finds himself at the intersection of education and technology. His quest has led him to earn a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and a M.A. with the University of Michigan – Flint’s Technology in Education Global Progam. Currently, Dr. Holden is an Assistant Professor of Information and Learning Technologies at the University of Colorado Denver’s School of Education and Human Development” (https://iieprofiles.wordpress.com/2015/08/10/creativity-matters/).
Remi was very helpful and provided me with so much information that it almost, honestly, felt overwhelming. He was so kind and helpful that we were able to set up a Google video hangouts and record the interview for future references. He also provided me with multiple links that proved quite resourceful. One would think that with all this information writing the essay would be a piece of cake but it was quite the contrary. I had a difficult time looking at the information and finding out what angle to present the profile from.
Looking at the course learning outcomes my struggle would be with me being able to “Demonstrate the ability to synthesize materials drawn from multiple sources using critical reflection and independent judgment.” Obviously this is a profile and not an analysis but the idea of it still applies. I was able to tell a story in which two timelines are present, one being the interview and the responses and the other being Remi Holden’s background. After stating his current status/job I was able to set up the style of paper by the third/fourth paragraph. Such that it was outline as such:
What’s wonderful about the unique and very different approach that Remi uses as a medium/tool of teaching is that the designing of courses are adaptive and adjusted based on the audience. One such approach is Game Based Learning (GBL), something that is recognized and supported by many who are part of iiE . “Games and play are really powerful means of addressing challenges in our educational system. Games are a way for people to adopt different identities, think creatively, work within certain rule structures, change rules…they are a nice mechanism to simulate real life problems or address real world problems.
In is journey Remi found that he needed to get out of Ann Arbor and expand his horizon’s and learning, as such, he ended up teaching in NYC, which presented him with an unique and valuable experience.

     The ability to share my first draft with my fellow peers was very helpful because thee are fellow peers, they have a fresh view of the paper one could argue in terms of how they judge and analyze your essay while also helping themselves out.
One of the things I most certainly have to work on his having a blueprint lay out and plan ahead so that when I’m writing the appear I don’t feel overwhelmed or pressured by time. The Norton Field guide to writing has proven helpful however in seeing what makes a good paper.


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